The ultimate guide to creating a summer holiday capsule wardrobe

woman on a sun lounger in a sunny beach


Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about lugging around a month’s worth of outfits for a week-long excursion.

Frantically packing 10 pairs of heels or almost breaking a nail trying to squeeze in an extra beach dress just in case isn’t the best preamble to a holiday. 
But what if I told you there’s another way. That you could pack lightly and still have everything you need…

Introducing the ultimate beach holiday capsule wardrobe. Whether you’re jetting off to the majestic shores of the Amalfi Coast, partying in Ibiza or island hopping across the Caribbean, the capsule beach wardrobe is a must.

What is a summer holiday capsule wardrobe and why do you need one?

A holiday capsule wardrobe is a small collection of versatile clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits, allowing for easy packing and reducing the need to bring a large amount of clothing on a trip. 
Forget those just in case pieces, having a capsule wardrobe for travel can also help save space and simplify the decision-making process when getting dressed. Additionally, by sticking to a limited number of clothing options, you'll be able to focus on enjoying your trip rather than worrying about what to wear.
Let’s get into the pieces you need to create your own streamlined overseas wardrobe.

What items do you need to create a holiday capsule wardrobe?

1. A beach dress

The perfect beach dress combines both style and comfort. Ideally you want the material to be lightweight enough to help you keep cool and easy to take off if you decide to cool off in the pool or sea. 

2. Swimwear 

Limiting your swimsuit choices might seem like a daunting task but with some strategic thought it’s not as hard you think. 

Whether you prefer a onesie or a bikini, steer towards a piece that can double up as a bodysuit you can wear over denim shorts or linen trousers. 

Not sure whether to go for a bold print or keep it neutral? Consider the palette of the rest of your wardrobe. Have you stuck to muted tones that a statement swimsuit could complement? Or would something in a solid colour go best with a suitcase full of print? 

Let your overall holiday style dictate your choice just don’t be tempted to pack option after option. 

3. Beach bag 

Once an afterthought, the beach bag now carries its weight as a holiday staple. The classic raffia bag has been a mainstay recently, but a trusted canva tote is just as chic. 

In capsule fashion, we’ll recommend a neutral colour to keep it versatile. You can always add a scarf to add flair just ensure the bag’s large enough to contain your phone and sunscreen.

4. Statement sunnies

What’s a holiday without your shades? Whether you’re shielding from a hangover or poolside styling, sunglasses effortlessly elevate your style. But how do you decide on which pair to pack? 

From cat eye sunnies to futuristic frames, there’s an array of styles to choose from. We’ve pulled together a selection that strikes the right balance between wearable yet stand out enough to get you noticed in the right way.

For fear of sounding like your granny, do check that your chosen pair offer UV protection.

5. An evening outfit 

Come alive in the night-time with a statement piece you’ve been waiting all summer to showcase. Just don’t get carried away and end up packing more than you really need. 
Balmy nights call for something lightweight that skims the body comfortably.

6. Linen trousers

The humble linen trouser has been a holiday staple forever. This makes the holiday edit as it’s something you can wear in 

Loose fitted straight trousers work for daytime looks.


You’ve pulled together your assembly of outfits, it’s now time to select your footwear. For shoe lovers, selecting just one pair is no mean feat. A flat sandal is the missing piece in a holiday capsule wardrobe, ideally in a minimalist design to be able to mix and match with different outfit choices. 

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